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So, I downloaded the Seven Minute Workout Challenge app months ago. I’ve hemmed and hawed over deleting this thing many, many times to free up valuable space on my phone…for pictures. Don’t judge. For some reason, I’ve always told myself I’d use it one day, all the while giggling to myself and contemplating a cookie.

Well, dear friends and readers, today was that day. I popped out of bed, stared that app straight in the eyes and opened the bad boy. I’d already watched the tutorial several times while eating Cheetos, so I was prepared. Yeah.

**Seven minutes? Pshaw, anyone can do that!

Wrong. There’s at least one person who can’t. Me. Well, not yet anyway. Challenge accepted, Seven Minute Workout! Just as soon as I’m able to walk farther than the bathroom unassisted. (Which leads me right into the next point.)

**I don’t need to stretch for this.

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Always stretch. Everyone should stretch. I need to stretch before bringing groceries in from the car. (I’m an all-at-once kind of gal. Get those arm muscles nice and loose to pack all of those bags.) I did, however, discover that there really is muscle under my flabby, pitted thighs. Very sore, very tight muscle, but silver lining, right?

**I don’t need to wear a sports bra for such a short workout.

Oh Em Gee. WRONG. Please make sure everything is secure before starting up that app. You don’t want a child or pet losing an eye from a projectile nipple or bruising from a stray breast slap. Better safe than sorry, kids.

Over all, I’m looking forward to using this app in the future, believe it or not. There’s a lot of power packed into these seven minutes. I just need to be more prepared. I’m sure there are seasoned exercise veterans out there who would scoff at the ease. This app isn’t for you. This app is for doughy, couch-potato people who need to get their butt in gear. Like me. Stay tuned…

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