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Every author has a unique writing voice. To the layman, this is the writing style or tone in their works. Some writers have a serious growl and are proficient in legal thrillers. Others have a gripping lament perfect for police drama. A few are even well versed in the lip-biting, slow roll of the smexy variety. (Yeah, that’s spelled right.)

This is something I’d struggled with for years. I’ve always known mine, at least deep down, was humorous. I also thought I knew what was selling, and the two just didn’t seem to fit. I forced it for a while, attempting to emulate the best sellers I’d seen. Though, only one book with semi-serious main characters and another short story with semi-hot love scenes of mine have seen the light of day.

I have to admit, once I gave in to the sarcastic, smart-ass within, my writing became so much easier. I no longer feel the need to force my characters to behave. Well, some of them still give me fits, but that’s normal. (Or so I’m told.) I can write serious, heart-felt scenes when the story-line calls for it, just not a book full of them. My philosophy on this? There’s too much seriousness in the real world right now. I want people to pick up my stories and escape within the pages, hugging the book or their e-reading device at the end with a smile on their face. Hence, my tag line: Romantic Escape Artist.

I’ve lived my whole life with the underlying purpose of making people laugh. Have I succeeded? Well, if you speak fluent sarcasm or like comedy, then you’d probably say yes. I love to laugh, and making others do the same is why I write. Well, and the romance, too. The really fun part (sarcasm! There really needs to be a font.) is each of these categories gets a bad rap. Smush them together, and I’m pretty sure I’m not a favorite of the so-called literary crowd. This really doesn’t bother me like it has in the past. I’ve had people ask me, to my face, when I plan to write a real book. One particular lovely woman asked this same question…at my book signing. The fabulous Inez Kelley said I should’ve smacked her over the head with a copy and asked if that felt real enough. Ah, to go back in time… Which was another issue the woman had with my book (time travel), and fodder for yet another blog post.

I know there are many talented writers out there who can compose in several different voices. One day I hope to be that diverse. For now, I’m just not there.

But, I’m still a writer.

Yes, I’ve heard the adage about true writers pushing themselves out of the norm. Then, there’s another touting that you aren’t a real writer unless you write every day. Yet another possible future blog post, but I can’t close this one without saying, “Pfffffffbbbbbblllllllllttttttt!” to them. I carve out time when I can and probably couldn’t write a completely serious book to save my life, but I’m still a real writer. My advice to anyone struggling with this is to write from your heart, write what feels right. Take a chance on the voice speaking loudest in your head.

So, tell me, what type of writing voice do you have? Feel free to leave links to your own writing or books you’ve enjoyed reading in the comments. I’m open to reading pretty much all of the beautiful, well written voices out there. Thanks for stopping by. Don’t forget to tip your waiter!

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