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Character Profiles


So, Gemma and I (Pardon me for a short fan-girl moment. Whew. Okay, I’m cool now.) were discussing character profiles for our upcoming Tahoe Tessie series. I’ve always been more of a visual kind of gal when it comes to my characters and like to have photos and a short bio of details. I try to find a celebrity, friend or even family member as the ground work for my heroes and heroines. This has become even more important as I venture into the world of series writing.

I know many of my blog followers are fellow authors. Do you keep things straight in your head or find yourself keeping a bible of sorts tracking and cross referencing every detail? Perhaps a happy medium? Dish! I want details and suggestions.

And, just in case you were wondering why there is a gorgeous pic of Bradley Cooper in the post, he’s the drool-worthy inspiration for Devin Ryder, one of the love interests for our heroine, Tessie King. Yes, we are hard at work on Luck Be A Lady! As you can see, my research has been sheer torture. 😉

Photo courtesy of Bradley-Cooper.org

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