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While I’m on vacation, I’ll leave you with a little snippet from my own book, Secrets of the Sapphires!

Lead in:

Garrett Van Deren is the new kid at the CIA Paranormal Division, and Nia Brooks is a girl lost in the same boy’s club. Neither of them is very happy about finding out that the other is their partner. In this scene they attempt to work things out…Nia’s way.


As he stormed back down the hall toward his desk, he spied a scantily clad Nia in the gymnasium area with her red curls pulled into a ponytail. She was attempting to kill Bob, the martial arts training dummy. He watched her small fists slam into his rubber head, followed by elbow jabs and kicks to his jaw.

After pondering his rudeness toward her, he entered the gym and offered his hand. “Agent Garrett Van Deren.”

She turned toward him, wiped sweat from her forehead onto the back of her arm, and stared at his hand. “Small?”

Garrett laughed. “Your boss knows you well.”

Nia’s eyes narrowed. “I’ve been a part of this boy’s club for some time. I can hold my own, trust me.”

“‘Your own’ isn’t what concerns me. What happens when I need help or we end up ambushed by ten guys? I need to know someone has my back. I don’t think you can handle it.”

“So, do you want to get your ass kicked in your jeans or would you like to change first?” After gesturing toward the locker rooms, she slapped her hands on her hips. Shoulders thrust back and chin tilted, she oozed confidence.

“You want to spar with me?” He knew she’d play tough with him eventually, he just hadn’t expected it so soon. He briefly entertained the idea of taking it easy on her. The trained agent inside swatted the idea from his mind, steeling his gaze. He had no qualms about knocking her on her ass, putting her in her place. It might actually do her some good to be humbled a bit.

“Unless you’re afraid to hit a girl, that is.” Nia’s chin jutted further upward.

Garrett kicked his sneakers off to the side while removing his watch, haphazardly tossing it toward his shoes. He was a bit more careful with his gun. He gently removed it from the back waistband of his jeans and laid it on the ground. Stepping onto the matted area, he automatically widened his stance, swinging his hands out in front of him. Motioning her toward him with his fingers, he announced, “Give me your best.”

They summed each other up as they danced about in a circle. Nia threw the first punch. Garrett blocked it, smacking her arm away. He couldn’t keep the smile from creeping onto his face.

Anger emanated from Nia, her face bright red, her jaw clenched tight. She came at him head-on with a misleading punch and a sweep kick, knocking him onto the floor. He jumped back into his stance.

“Bravo, but you can’t keep me down.”

Punches flew; blocks were made, and more dancing around the mat. Finally Nia missed one of his punches. It landed on her jaw, throwing her head back. She flinched for a second but came back with a solid punch to his gut. Stinging heat flooded his abdomen, making him instantly forget his regret for punching her. The sensation he found most disturbing was in his groin. He had to focus somewhere other than her pretty face, sleek curves or he’d be taken down. No sooner had the thought entered his mind than Nia swung a roundhouse kick landing upside his head, knocking him to the floor. In a blur, she was on top of him with his head locked between her surprisingly strong thighs, his chin resting square in her crotch. She squeezed his neck, cutting off his air supply. If it hadn’t been for the inability to breath, he’d have let her keep the pose. The view was amazing. He tried to imagine the panties underneath her shorts. His arm snaked between her legs brushing against her taut, supple skin and pushed her off of his windpipe. Still surprised at her strength, he held back some to preserve her dignity.

Unable to make much of a sound in his position, he croaked, “Truce?”

Her thighs tightened, squeezing his own arm into his neck, her jaw clenched. “I don’t think you’re in much of a position to be asking anything.” Grumbling expletives that ran together into a garbled mess, Nia tightened her thighs in an amazing display of strength then released him and jumped to her feet. “Count your blessings I’m not PMS-ing right now.” Stomping toward the women’s shower room, she tossed a glare back at him as she disappeared into the hallway.

Garrett stood and stared toward the locker rooms, glad to have proof she could stand up for herself. He was content with the knowledge that most other men would also misjudge her strength or become mesmerized and fall prey to her. He brushed off his pants and turned to head for his desk. Levinson stood in the doorway with a knowing smirk on his face.

Shaking his head, Garrett asked, “I don’t suppose you missed all that?”

“No, I walked up when you put your gun down.” Laughing again, he continued, “Which was probably your first mistake. I do think she likes you though. She was holding back.” Levinson’s smile turned more playful.

Running his fingers through his hair, Garrett replied, “Yeah, I was too.”

His new boss slapped him on the shoulder. “Whatever helps you sleep at night.”


Nia Brooks entered the CIA to get to the bottom of her parents’ deaths. Joining the Paranormal Division, she learns to fend for herself after dealing with prejudice, not to mention the vampires and shifters. Paired with an egotistical agent, the bloodsuckers and hairy boys don’t seem so bad.

Garrett Van Deren has his own agenda behind joining the CIA. When his dead partner’s body disappears without a trace, Garrett knows the vampire underground is responsible and the Paranormal Division offers him answers. He slams head first into a roadblock when he meets his new partner. A hundred pounds soaking wet, he’ll be babysitting instead of tracking down the killer.

Tossed back in time by a mysterious white sapphire, two headstrong agents must learn to trust one another while they search for a way back to the Twenty-First Century and the people responsible for the rift in time.



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