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I’d like to welcome another The Wild Rose Press author, Sandra Dailey, to Friday Funny! Boy, do we have some awesomely talented authors, or what?! I’m definitely up for that sorority house luncheon. 😉 Read on, and I bet you’ll be in line with me.

Lead in:

In this scene, her hero, Sheriff Brett Silverfeather (aka Chief), has been hospitalized with a gunshot wound. If any of you have ever had your man go into the hospital, you know their only concern is getting out.


Ginny visited Brett at the hospital on Saturday and Sunday, but the room had been crowded with friends, neighbors, family, cops from every law enforcement branch and other emergency responders. Essentially, every adult within a fifty mile radius came through his room. They hadn’t had a single moment alone since they shared their first kiss on Friday night. They’d barely made eye contact. Neither of them knew what to say to the other. Neither of them knew that it had been the only thing on the other’s mind.

The hospital staff was almost as annoyed as Brett by the constant flow of visitors. Visiting hours were bad enough, but law enforcement officers and emergency personnel were allowed the run of the hospital at all hours. No one could get any rest, least of all the patient.

Everyone had finally been run out of the room on Sunday evening when Dr. Baxter walked in to check Brett’s wound.

“You’ve got to get me out of here, Doc,” Brett groused. “I haven’t had two consecutive hours of sleep since Friday morning. If you don’t sign my release tonight, this is going to turn into a murder suicide situation.”

“Yeah, I’ve heard all about it from the nurses,” Dr. Baxter laughed. “They say you’re more popular than Brad Pitt in the nude at a sorority house luncheon. Now Chief, I’ve known you for ten years and I know I can’t trust you to take your medication. Also, you’re hardly in any position to keep these bandages changed. But one thing’s for certain, something has to be done. The staff is threatening to walk out if I don’t get this floor under control.”

Brett leaned forward and winced. “I’ll do anything to sleep in my own quiet, soft, big bed, anything. You’re looking at a desperate man.”

“Yeah, I got that idea when you threatened to kill me.” The doctor thought for a few minutes before he continued. “Okay, I’ll let you go, but you have to agree to follow three rules, and I mean to the letter. First, you have to take a full series of antibiotics on time until they’re gone. If you get an infection, it’ll be a long time before you see sunlight again. Second, no use of that injured arm, it stays in a sling at all times, even when you’re sleeping. You can prop it on a pillow. And last but definitely not least, no Ginny. I know you just got married, but things could get out of control in a moment of passion and you could pull out all of Dr. Carlisle’s fancy stitching. Then you’ll be in here for so long, you’ll get a permanent, fluorescent light tan.”

“I’ll do it,” Brett said with enthusiasm. “Call Ginny and tell her to come back with a pair of jeans. I’ll be out of here so fast you’ll only see my vapor trail.”

The Chief’s Proposal COPYRIGHT © 2012 by Sandra Dailey

Want more? Here’s the blurb:

Ginny Dearing has finally realized her goal of teaching, but finding a position is proving impossible. After exhausting all possibilities, an Internet ad is her only hope. In a small town hundreds of miles away there is a job with one huge string attached…a husband.

Burned by love once, Brett Silverfeather finds his bachelor life more than satisfying. He’s facing re-election for sheriff, but this time the voters are looking for a family man. Brett finds himself pursuing a marriage he doesn’t want.

Ginny and Brett are opposite in every way, but opposites do attract. Can Brett protect his heart as well as he does his town? Can Ginny hide a secret past that could possibly destroy her future?

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I live in a crowd. I have six siblings, my husband has seven. Together we have four children and seven grandchildren. With a family that large, you see it all; comedy, tragedy, romance, suspense, etc… There’s enough material to keep one writer busy for the rest of her life.

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