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*Give-away alert* Cassandra has agreed to give a copy of her book to one lucky commenter! 

Please welcome Cassandra Curtis to the Random Ramblings Blog. She is a very close online friend and fellow Romance Diva moderator. I’m tickled that she agreed to share an excerpt with us. Be advised, this one is on the steamy side! But Ms. Curtis does steamy oh so well. 😉

Here’s the lead in:

Stacie Purcell has had a crush on Tyler Murchison since she was in junior high. She never thought she’d see Rusdale’s bad boy again when he left ten years ago. But now Tyler’s back and has started remaking his life—if the town gossips will let him. In this scene, Stacie (a part time beautician and aspiring romance writer) goes to Tyler’s auto repair shop to get her brakes fixed. She decides to work on her latest secret project, a vampire romance whose hero is based on her vivid fantasies of Tyler.

And scene:

Stacie slid a printed sheet out of the binder pocket long enough to study the line drawings she’d downloaded from her sister’s computer, and tried deciding which one she should write for the first love scene.

 Not like she could use her own experience. Her love life was non- existent, unless she counted her purple passion vibrator.

 The website she’d found had been very helpful, with descriptive diagrams and names for various sexual positions, like ‘backward facing bad dog,’ which didn’t sound very romantic or sexy. Hmm, squishy piston, face salami, oblong bend, and the love jackhammer weren’t much better.

 Ooh, one had possibilities—the slippery double slappy! At least it would be fun to write and she bet even more fun to try—if she had a boyfriend.

 Stacie pulled out her favorite black gel pen and scribbled notes in the margins. An idea popped into her head and she wrote down part of a scene…

 His rough hands slid down her hips and over her thighs, removing her panties. She felt naked and exposed, helpless under his watchful gaze. Her nipples hardened into tight points, aching for the touch of his lips, his tongue. She needed to undress him, touch him, but he’d made sure she couldn’t, not until he let her go.

 “Please. I need you.” Heat spiraled down her midriff to the center of her pleasure zone, making her damp and hungry for him.

 “Ms. Purcell, your car is ready.” Tyler’s voice startled her.

 “Oh!” Her sexy muse was standing right next to her! Stacie jumped up, papers flying in every direction. She grabbed and stuffed them in her binder, shoving it into her messenger bag on the floor, conscious of him waiting while she dug through her purse for her wallet.

 Her cell phone rang the precise moment she found it. Stacie answered, half-listening to her sister on the other end of the call, while she slipped her credit card from the faux leather sleeve.

 What sense she had left unscrambled when he turned and walked toward the cash register with her paperwork. Mercy! She’d heard of buns of steel, but his tight curved assets made her girly bits ache with pure lust.

 “I didn’t think it would be done so fast. No, not you, Pam. I’m talking to Tyler Murchison, and yes it’s ready. Look, can I call you back? Okay. Bye.” Stacie flung her purse straps over her shoulder, credit card in hand and met him at the front register.

 “I replaced the brake pads and shoes, and checked the brake oil pressure. It was low.” Tyler explained.

 “Thank you,” she mumbled and ducked her head, heat crawling up her neck and into her face. Even his voice was sexy, deep and soft in a way that made tingles run down her arms and settle between her thighs in a sweet ache.

 Stacie tried sliding her credit card through the card reader, but it wasn’t working.

 “No, it goes the other way. Here, let me help you.” Their hands touched for a brief moment and a giddy rush of bubbles zipped through her. If she were smart, she’d leave before she did or said something stupid and made a fool of herself.

 “It’s okay, you just had it turned backward.”  He smiled down at her, and their eyes met. It hit like a sucker punch, how much she wanted this man.

 “You’ve got beautiful green eyes.” His voice lowered to a husky whisper.

 “I do?” He thought her eyes were beautiful?

 An odd flicker of emotion crossed his face. “Sorry, that was too forward, huh?” Tyler rubbed his brow, smearing grease on his forehead.

 “No! I mean, no it was fine. I just don’t get many compliments.” Heat spread across her cheeks. Oh good one, Stace! Let him see exactly how clumsy and unsophisticated you really are! She was sure the big ole ‘L’ for loser was probably flashing on her forehead right about now.

 “I find that hard to believe. I’m sure you hear how pretty you are all the time from your husband or boyfriend.”

 “I, umm…I don’t have a boyfriend. Or a husband.” Was he serious? This couldn’t be real!

 “That’s good to know.” Tyler’s smile curved at the corners of his lips. He handed her the keys to her car.

 “Thank you.” Rooted to the spot, and unsure what to do next, Stacie wondered if Tyler was actually flirting with her. Don’t get too excited, or overeager. He’ll smell your desperation.

 When he stepped back and told her he hoped he’d see her around, she practically floated out of the garage and across the parking lot. Her hands trembled turning the ignition. Even a simple thing like their fingers touching made her weak in the knees. Tyler thought her eyes were beautiful.

 Hooked? Here’s the blurb: 

A guilty pleasure.
A wicked desire.
A lusty kink.
A hidden fetish.

Everyone has a few naughty little secrets. All of Stacie Purcell’s secrets are in the red story binder she keeps in her messenger bag. An aspiring writer, Stacie dreams of the day her sexy stories will get published. But when she misplaces her binder, she is frantic, worried she’ll never see it again. Desperate to get it back, she’s willing to do whatever it takes.

Tyler Murchison can’t help noticing the cute little blond in his car repair shop’s waiting room, her nose buried in her red binder. Closing up for the night, he discovers a not-so-innocent piece of paper and a mysterious bag in the waiting room.

Intrigued by the drawings of sexual positions and the erotic fantasies Stacie weaves in her stories, he returns the binder, and offers Stacie a chance to experience all the incredible sexual delights she writes about.

But can a single night of wild passion lead to something more?

Copyright 2012 Cassandra Curtis

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Author of the bestselling Shifting Tides series and finalist in 2007’s EPIC awards, Ms. Curtis is a former journalist and fine artist, who always loved reading tales of adventure, romance, mystery, and magic. Then one day decided to try her hand at fiction writing and never looked back. Although she writes erotic romance under the pen name Cassandra Curtis, and romantic comedy as Cass Curtis, the common thread in all her books is fun. View her website at: www.cassandracurtis.com.

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