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After a few authors posted about copyright issues with photos, I decided to revamp my Friday Funny posts. Starting next Friday, you’ll be treated to funny snippets from some amazing authors. These excerpts will be from a variety of genres (not just comedy), heat levels, even pubbed, unpubbed, and not quite finished. The lineup for September starts with the talented Inez Kelley. The amazing duo of Gemma Halliday & Jennifer Fischetto follow on the 14th. Up and coming author Cyd Peak joins us on the 21st, and the awesome Cassandra Curtis ends the month for us. I’ve got October and November slots filled, too, so stay tuned. See you next Friday!

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Come visit me!
My post is live after 3 pm. Please drop by so I’m not lonely. Thanks. Y’all are awesome!


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Friday Funny’s Future

I’ve gotten some great feedback for my new Friday Funny feature. Looks like I’ll be showcasing fellow authors by posting a funny snippet from their book or short story with either a purchase link or a link to their personal site. Your book doesn’t have to be comedy, romance, or anything specific. It just needs to have a passage that was written to tickle the funny bone. Please contact me if you are interested. I’ll be starting the posts in September. Let’s make ’em laugh, people!

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