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Some of you have seen this already, but I’m posting for those who haven’t.  I’ve been dealing with a buttload few rejections lately and came home to this letter laying on my desk.  (I later made him email me a copy so I could share)  Read this! (and yes, I know how very blessed I am to have him.)



Ms. VerSteeg

(my address was here)


August 18, 2010


Dear Ms. VerSteeg,

We want to thank you for your recent manuscript submission. After careful consideration our team has determined that you work represents the high standards of entertainment on which our company has built it’s long standing reputation. We would be truly honored if you would allow us the opportunity to publish your most recent work.

Our company has a strong understanding of the competitive market that exists for talent like yours. We have always made the retention of our most valued assets a top priority. Therefore, if you decide to allow us to represent you, we desire to provide you a $100,000 signing advance per book you provide over the next ten years. This includes any works you have currently ready for publishing.

In addition to the signing advance, we would like to provide you an two week expense paid trip to review our offices in London England. Perhaps this trip will allow you to visit some surrounding locations for further books.

Obviously, we understand that you are reviewing many offers from our competitors, however, please rest assured that no other publishing company can offer the service of our company.

We look forward to your response.

U.R. Husband


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