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You’ve heard it all before.  Time is subjective to your situation. 

Waiting for a baby?  S L O W going and you’ll probably end up waiting an extra two weeks or so. 

Waiting for your hubby to leave in the military? SWISH, its gone and so is he.

Waiting to hear back from editors and publishers on your latest creation?  OMG, there isn’t a word in the English dictionary to describe the agonizingly slow crawl of the second hand.  I know that patience is a virtue.  It just happens to be one I’ve not been able to master.  Right now, I have no choice but to wait…

and throw myself onto the floor, flail about, and whine.

Okay, I’m good now.  When I know something, I’ll be sure to share the news here.  Trust me though, if it is good, you won’t need to log onto a computer.  I’ll be that high pitched squealing you hear in the distance.

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