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Well, the new year is zooming in on us and I’m ready for the clean slate, so to speak.  You know, a new year and a new start.  So, for 2010 I’m setting the bar high and I’m going to leap that sucker! 

Or limbo right the heck underneath 😉 

All joking aside, I do have big plans for 2010!  I have a brand new manuscript that I’m finishing up right now and I *will* have it spit shined and sent out to agents and editors alike this coming year!  I’ve already hit 70k words (my longest yet) and think it will finish just under 80k so I will be in the right word count for the big dogs.  That’s right: New York, here I come!  How about the height of THAT bar???  Yup, I’m shoving myself out there again and I’m actually kind of excited this time.

So, what are your goals for the coming year?

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