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Merry Christmas


Yup, I said the words.  I said, “Merry Christmas” and I meant it!  *gasp* I don’t mean it as a sentiment that it is the only season this time of year either.  I know that not everyone on the face of the earth, or even in my little town for that matter, celebrates Christmas and I don’t expect everyone to either (not that I wouldn’t love it if everyone did!).  My point of this blog post is my hope that those of us who do celebrate it can enjoy our day…or month, as it has somehow spread from Thanksgiving on through December 25.  I don’t want anyone to get mad at me for smiling and wishing them a Merry Christmas.  I just want them to smile back and wish me the same with the season they celebrate if they aren’t like minded.  If someone is in the middle of their Yule Tide, I’d love to be wished a Happy Yule.  If Hanukkah is their thing, same goes.  Kwanzaa?  Ditto.  I hope you get my point here.  Christmas is an age old tradition and part of what this country was founded on.  America is indeed the land of the free and that means that everyone is free to celebrate whatever season they want to this time of year or any other time for that matter.  So, Merry Christmas everyone, from my house to yours!

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