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Sorry about the Sally Fields enthusiasm, but this is really what I needed!  I’ve been back and forth to the hospital for tests, poking, prodding (no, I didn’t enjoy any of the prodding, thankyouverymuch), and torture of all sorts, so imagine my surprise and utter happiness to see a great review show up in my email???  I mean, it has been almost 10 months since the book came out so I’d pretty much given up hope 🙂

Mary at www.bittenbybooks.com gave it five stars (well, they use tombstones there since they are a paranormal site, but you get the picture) and said, “I loved this book! There are several pleasant twists on the way. This is a definite must-read for any time-traveling romantics.”  You can read the whole review here!  YAY! and I’m so glad she loved it.

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