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I’m late. Go figure!


I know I’m late in wishing you a happy Thanksgiving, but my sentiment is real, none the less.  I hope that you and yours have a great weekend of family, fun, and football, just like mine has and will continue over the next few days.  I’m thankful for all of my readers, family, and friends most of all.  I’m especially thankful to still have my daddy around.  A month ago he had a procedure done to correct an issue with his heart that had he not had done, would have proven fatal by now.  I thank God for my family every single day.

May God bless you and yours this weekend and always.

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NaNoWriMo Anyone?







Yes, it’s that time of year again kids: National Novel Writing Month.  This will be the third year in a row that I’ve attempted to write 50,000 words in 30 days.  How has that worked out for me in the past you ask?  Well, in 2007 I was able to cross the finish line with over 50,000 words!  In 2008…not so much.  I’ve only done about 800 words for the first day which isn’t even half of the 1667 per day average, but in my defense I did go to an awesome Sunday night service at my church.  Hey, if God has my back, I can’t fail! 🙂 

Check back often and I’ll try to keep you all posted on my progress.  I’m finishing up my novel It’s About Time and starting the sequel Coming Back to Bite You!  The first one has been so much fun to write, I can only hope the sequel is too.

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