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Well, I never thought I’d ever have something in my life that I’d be proud for my kids to follow. I made all the rookie mistakes as a mom: got pregnant in High School, married a total creep, divorced said creep, married again to run away from said creep, divorced nice guy when he left me for his ex-wife… Well, you get the idea. I even went so far as to start and not finish college. I mean, talk about a path you pray your children don’t follow!! Well, writing found me at an early age. I dabbled with it from the time I was old enough to actually form sentences. I mean, Dick and Jane had some crazy times, let me just say! 😉 Anyway, before I get off on yet another tangent, I just wanted to say that my daughter has told me she wants to take writing classes and enter some short story contests! This kid is good too! Before long, she will be looking in her rear view mirror and watching me eating her dust. I’m so proud of her I could just hug the tar out of her! Okay, you can resume your regularly scheduled day now. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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Yeah, I always knew my kids loved me, but this past Sunday was my all time favorite Mother’s Day ever. I came home Saturday night and my kids had paid a visit to the house and decorated it for me. There were streamers and balloons, cards and candles everywhere. Across the french doors were cut out letters that spelled Happy Mom Day. THEN they both showed up for church. I guess it just takes some distance to make things clearer. They never quite understand that you don’t want an expensive gift…well, unless they can afford one…or breakfast in bed…unless they are already making for themselves…, all it takes it an act of love and an hour of their time on Sunday morning to make me happy 🙂 I LOVE MY BABIES! *sigh* I’m the luckiest mother in the world.

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