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A sneak peek at my WIP

Okay, so this is a blast from the past!  There really is a reason for an 80’s video, I promise.

As some of you know, I’m writing a ghost story.  It includes characters from my story, Another Time, Another Place, but it takes place in modern times…hence, the ghost part.  Anyway, I was writing away today and my current day heroine (she lives in Hadley Castle and leads tours for room and board) meets the current day hero in a rather embarrassing way. 

Well, its easier just to show you, so here’s the excerpt:

Shivering as she toweled off, Dawn returned to the edge of her bed.  The sun warmed her skin as she sat naked in its rays.  She stretched languidly across her satin comforter, enjoying the warmth as it invaded her senses. 

A nervous cough tugged her from her reverie.

She yanked the towel in front of her, but only after the blonde Adonis with pale blue eyes had no doubt gotten his fill of her in all her glory.

“Uh, do you do this for a living?”  Her curtness surprised even herself.

He looked everywhere but directly at her.  “Excuse me?”

“Peeping Tom.  Is that your chosen profession?”

“Actually, lawn care is.  This is just a side gig for me.”  A cute smile slid across his lips affording her a view of the deepest dimples she’d ever seen.  He finally looked her in the eyes.

“Ah, you must be Will then.  I didn’t think you started until next week…or I would have been a bit more careful.  I guess I got used to being the only one on the grounds this early.”  She felt a warm blush hit her cheeks and she pulled the towel tighter around her body.

“I’m sorry to have startled you.  I actually didn’t realize I was staring until I had to cough.  It wasn’t to alarm you, trust me.”  He waggled an eyebrow at her while releasing a nervous giggle.  “Summer came about early this year, so they called me in.  I guess they didn’t bother telling you.”

“I guess not.”  She felt her temper rise as he stood outside her window tossing about friendly banter.  She resituated her towel and was mortified as it slipped and fell to the floor.  She threw her hands strategically across her body to cover as much as she could and released a loud gasp.

The sly smile returned to his lips and he walked away from the window.  His voice trailed behind him.  “Don’t worry, it’s nothing I haven’t seen before.”  Dawn couldn’t help but giggle at his casual tone.  It didn’t help that the laughter was followed by a cheerful whistle to the tune of “We Don’t Have To Take Our Clothes Off” by Jermaine Stewart; a song she remembered her parents singing from the eighties. 

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