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NaNo? What?


Yes, I did say that I would be NaNoing this year, but I do have some good excuses.  Sadly, they are just that: excuses.  My computer tried to shoot craps on me.  (Thank you to the guy at Firedog.  My eggs are at your disposal.  All you have to do is call!)  Payroll was this week and our employees would not have taken NaNo as an excuse to not be paid.  Little whiners 😉  Finally, I was sicker than a dog last weekend!  Whew!  I’m pretty sure I was standing outside death’s door, just never made it on the porch to knock.  I have been writing some though and having fun while I’m at it.  Maria is working hard on a new story and it sounds like a winner!  I can’t wait until she gets it fleshed out.  *HINT HINT*

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