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I have written for many years, but before finding my CP, it was hit and miss.  Okay, so it was more miss than anything else.  Trula has been a complete God-send and is worth her weight in G.O.L.D.  Before her, people (translated as: family and close friends) read my books and raved about how perfect they were.  Yeah, not so much.  (I do have to point out that this was pre-Leese! She is an awesome beta-reader and my biggest cheerleader!!)  They told me what I wanted to hear (again, pre-Leese!) and I thought, ‘yeah, this writing stuff is a breeze!’  Again, not so much.  A real Crit Partner will tell you what they like, but also what they DON’T like.  They will tell you what works, but will turn around and give you pointers toward what will makes the story flow better or make it stronger.   They will even be nice enough to call you out when you completely butcher the English Language! 🙂 

The moral of this post, you ask?  If you are a writer, get into a writer’s forum *cough*romance divas*cough* and find a Critique Partner who writes similar to you, (or at  the very least, someone who likes to read what you write) grab them around the ankles and drag him/her into your writing cave!  DON’T EVER LET THEM GO!  Trula and Leese are MINE MINE MINE MINE MINE MINE MINE though, so hands off 😉  But seriously, find one who works well with you and make sure they know how much you appreciate them.  I LOVE YOU GUYS!!

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