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I’m a WHAT?!

My tootsies

First off, aren’t those the cutest shoes EVER!?  (Yeah, just look past my c’ankles…the black shoes…near the bottom…yeah, there ya go!)

My husband says I’m a shoe whore.  Actually, he went one step further and called me an inexpensive shoe whore.  Let’s dissect this, shall we?!

Now, had he said it like this:  “inexpensive shoe” whore, I could live with that…but he didn’t.  It was more the “Yup, she’d do anything, AND CHEAP, for a pair of shoes.” 

Mind you, I’ve come into the shoe game later in life than most.  When a woman gets to a certain age (we’ll just say “over thirty” so I can keep my dignity), they are supposed to be more frugal…or so I’m told.  I had my daughter when I was in high school, then my son four years later.  I have spent my life making sure their needs were met.  I’m not looking for sympathy.  I’m WAY past that…and she’s moved out and has her own life now, and my son is 19.  He is still suckling from the homestead-teat, but working while he’s going to school, so there is no financial support going on there.  Ergo, this is MY time now.  I can buy shoes and purses just because I want to, not because my old ones are worn out!!  Now the “inexpensive” part comes from being too cheap to part with serious cash for a single pair of shoes.  I choose instead to surf eBay and clearance racks so I can save money…and have more shoes!  See how that works?!  I guess I just need to wear the title with pride.

Hello, my name is Sue and I’m an inexpensive shoe whore.  🙂

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