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That isn’t entirely true.  They are actually playing TOO nice!

AAAAaaaaggggghhh!!!  They are driving me to drink.  Short drive, yes, but very annoying!  Anyhow, I’m working on my new ghost story (THANK YOU AGAIN, JEN AND TRULA!!!).  I have direction, I am employing some of the characters from Another Time, Another Place, and I even found a way to fit butt whippings timed writings into my schedule (okay, kinda). 

So why am I complaining??  Yes Leese, I heard you ask 🙂 

BECAUSE THEY KEEP HEADING FOR THE SACK!  Geesh, they are putting bunnies to shame.  I have to switch to a different scene just to keep them apart, then…yup, you guessed it…they scamper toward the bed and drop trou’. 

The loud thunking noise you hear?  Me.  Banging my head against the wall.

Suggestions?  Love?  Chocolate?

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