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Now that I’ve totally regained my composure… Okay, so maybe not just yet!! I still just wanna climb on my roof and scream to the neighborhood, “Gemma Halliday liked my book!!!” Yeah, that’s right. MY book, Click!

“I thought this was really good! And, of course, loved your main
character’s name (Her name is Jemma). 🙂 Really great characters, nice plot, loved it.”

She gave me pointers too…and I’m somewhat positive I will learn from them when my feet touch ground again 🙂 For those of you who don’t understand why I’m spazing out here, Gemma Halliday is who I wanna be when my writing grows up. Yeah, Gemma is “Bachelors Degree” level and I’m still…well, we’ll just classify it as I’m ‘not there yet’. To save anyone (ie: ME) from embarrassment 😉

Anyhow, she even gave me cover blurbs!!!!

“Click! is a fantastic story! Great characters – Tony is the hot hunk
I want to meet, and Jemma is the best friend I’d tell all about it.”

“T. Sue VerSteeg is a fresh new voice in contemporary romance. Fun,
flirty, and full of heart.”

Okay, I’m off to flit about and giggle uncontrollably 🙂 Hopefully the hubster will understand and not drag me off for psychiatric evaluation!

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