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I am SO lucky!

As most of you could tell, I pretty much dropped off of the face of the earth for a bit. Training for a new job, being sick and all the fun ‘home crap’ has kept me just lurking online as of late. I think I’m back amongst the living now though.



Anyhow, I just wanted to say that I consider myself one of the luckiest people in the world right now. I have the best friends in the world, both in real life and cyber-space!

I was down on myself and feeling VERY low yesterday. Some would call it a self-pity party, I prefer to think of it as self-loathing. As though she had ESP…N or something, Ms. Jennifer McKenzie-Leeland called me on the phone and yanked my brain and butt outta the pond scuzz. She sensed my mood, donned her leather mistress gear and cracked her whip, which was exactly what I needed. She barked some orders, virtually popped me upside the head and made me pinky swear that I would listen to her…for a change 😉 I’m serious here. It was like she ‘knew’ I needed this…and I did! *MWAH* Thank you for bringing me and my writing back into the living world!

THEN I sign on to yahoo messenger and Trula smacks me around a little (again, in a good way!). We actually got some writing done…in between thunderstorms! She read over some of my writing, stroked my ego and listened to me whine for a while too. And bless her heart, she’s still my friend…I think. 😉 I’m so lucky to have her as my friend and crit partner. For you non-writing people reading this, that has nothing to do with an alternate lifestyle. 😀 Actually, being a writer does kinda qualify as an alternate lifestyle… *ponders* Just not anything kinky…unless you live inside Jen’s head 😉 She has the wonderful ability to turn any scene into a kinky love fest. Talk about talent! 🙂

I’ve talked about Leese in the past, but want to take a second to show her some love too. I could not function without her in my life, as a writer or human being! She called this weekend to check for a pulse since she hadn’t heard from me in forever. She can tell you straight up, I don’t make friends easily. I’m very picky about who I befriend. I don’t put up a false face and pretend to be someone I’m not just so people will like me. She shoved right past that wall and either loves me for who I am, or puts up a pretty good front 😉

I have a few other friends and I’m sure I’ll be singing their praises someday, but today is about these three wonderful women. Thank you so much for being my friends. I love you guys and couldn’t make it without you. BIG HUG!

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