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First, and foremost:  THANK YOU, LISA KEITH!  You are a complete Godsend and the best friend a person could ask for!  You went above and beyond to set up with me last night and stand next to me ALL DAY LONG!  LOVE YOU!!

What a day!  I’m here to tell you that this year’s women’s show was just as busy as last year.  I’m exhausted and can barely speak (Yes, my husband is enjoying this more than he should…for his own good! ), but I sold 19 books.  That makes it all worth while.  I had a ball talking to people this time.  Last year I was frozen in place, smile engaged and pre-rehearsed speel spewing from my lips. 

This year was SO MUCH BETTER!! 

I talked to women who were afraid to write, guys who were actually interested in romance, teen girl who wanted to learn to write, and finally, people who were actually interested in my writing!  Talk about a rush.  Sure, there were occassionally the snooty group who didn’t bother with “romance drivel” (THEIR words, not mine), but I had my head too high in the clouds to let them bother me…too much. 

Several of my friends from Romance Divas www.romancedivas.com sent me some of their promo items and they were a hit as well!  Nell Dixon’s post cards for Things To Do went like wildfire, and Shelley Munroe’s cards with the fertility/good luck idol on them flew off of the tables.  People were in awe of Stella and Audra Price’s catalog of titles and commented continually on her awesome cover art.  Adelle Lauden’s biker fiction tag line brought many comments and her bookmarks disappeared quickly as well. 

Over all, I do believe this was a complete success! 

I’m going to pass out now.

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