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If you haven’t read Another Time, Another Place…(well, SHAME ON YOU, for starters)  😉 then you won’t be able to give me an honest opinion on this question, but if you have (BLESS YOU!) or at least read a GOOD time travel or ghost story, I’d like to know what you thought of it in the terms of ‘believablity’.  We all know that time travel isn’t possible…yet.  Were you able to look past that and get into the characters?  Or possibly sucked into the storyline enough to forget about that and just pretend? 

I do have a valid reason for asking this.  I’m hearing character voices from my paranormal ghost story I’m writing and common sense keeps barging in on us and screaming “Ghosts don’t exist!  Write about something that could actually happen!”  Well, my creative side throws her hands on her hips, cops a MAJOR attitude and insists, “We’ve written a time travel already, so just mind your own damn business!” 

No, I’ve never been locked up.  Why do you ask?

Anyway, what is your opinion?  Do you like getting caught up in things that don’t really happen in real life?  Do Ghost Stories do something for you or really turn you away?  I know they aren’t selling well in New York, but what do YOU ALL think?

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