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My Life…Re-defined

Okay, I think I have my life figured out! 

*looks around at all of the befuddled faces and helps Patty and Lisa up off the floor* 

Ahem…my writing life, that is. 

*watches everyone nod and relax*

I’ve gone through a very dark tunnel as of late and seem to have found my way back into the light…sort of.  I took a conversation with Ms. Jennifer McKenzie and analized it a bit…well, part of it.  (Most of our conversations are beyond even a Shrink’s comprehension, but that is beside the point.)  It seems that I have gotten off of the path of what I truly love to write…and what I am comfortable with writing.  I was trying to write the popular genre of erotic romance instead of following my heart with time travel, paranormal and inspirational romance.  It was such a subtle shift that I didn’t even really realize I had done it.  Some people can write for the market and crank out beautiful stories!  Take Jennifer, she turns each of her stories into gold, no matter the content.  Well, after pouring my heart out to Maria Shanti via instant messenger (yet another wonderful online friend), I sat down…and cried…and thought back to the phone call with Jennifer.  She said something that sparked in my soul.  “Another Time, Another Place is my favorite book of yours and it has so much depth.”  This was after asking her what she thought of Click.  She is such a wonderful friend and also said something along the lines that she liked my other stuff, but it wasn’t ‘me’.  Well, even if that isn’t really what she meant, that’s what I’m taking from it 🙂  It all seems to fall into place now.  My writing struggles, my lack of inspiration and my dark, gloomy mood when someone asks me what I’m working on!  So, screw the market, screw the ‘what’s hot’ gossip.  I’m going to write for me.

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