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This is what happens when I’m unable to do housework (it was fun at first, but not so much anymore) and my muse has run off with another writer.  My wonderful, hardworking husband sat down today to make a game for our employees (we own a small commercial cleaning company) at their Christmas party.  He began to fashion a Christmas tree out of scraps of colored paper.  His idea was great, that each piece would have a question on the back and the person who answered it correctly would get a prize.  Well, after a half an hour of random pieces being haphazardly placed on the board, my obsessive compulsive behavior got the best of me and I took over (not that he minded ONE bit).  I spent over two hours putting this bad boy together.  At the time, I was a woman on a mission and it had to be measured perfectly and decorated just so!  Now that I’m looking back on it, these people are only going to be concerned with winning the prizes, NOT what the tree looks like.  Oh well, it was fun and made me miss art class in elementary school 😉  So, do I get an A for effort at least??

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