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The Chosen

Available December 18, 2007

Debut release by Gwen Hayes

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Daniel “Morgue” Morgan hunts demons. And likes it—until the day Madigan Carter cuts through his life like a blade of sunshine. She is everything he isn’t, and for the first time in his life, he questions his calling when it means he will be forced to turn Madigan into a killer. Just like him. Madigan doesn’t believe in demons, until the day she fends one off with her Louis Vuitton bag. She doesn’t want to be an Expeller, and she really doesn’t want to be trained by the most aggravating—and sexy–man she has ever met. When the Expeller instincts, and the unnatural hungers that go with them, threaten to overwhelm her humanity, will her connection to her mentor be enough save both their souls?

Rating: Tangy
Book Length: Novella
Price: $4.75
Genre: Paranormal/Vampire/Werewolf/Contemporary

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One year ago…


My long, desperate search for a publisher to accept my very first manuscript finally came to fruition one year ago.  This was the day last year that Another Time, Another Place hit the printing press.  Now, a whole new world of headaches and problems opened up with this step, but it was the threshhold to making my long held dreams of being a published author into a reality.  Instead of focusing on the negative aspects of this experience, I choose to look at the positive.  I was as green of a writer as one can possibly be, yet my book was taken on.  Editing was one aspect of the process that was wonderful and I learned so much.  I will always be grateful for that.  So, dear friends, lift your glass of water, soda, beer, or shot glass of whiskey and toast the anniversary of a very important milestone with me!

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This is what happens when I’m unable to do housework (it was fun at first, but not so much anymore) and my muse has run off with another writer.  My wonderful, hardworking husband sat down today to make a game for our employees (we own a small commercial cleaning company) at their Christmas party.  He began to fashion a Christmas tree out of scraps of colored paper.  His idea was great, that each piece would have a question on the back and the person who answered it correctly would get a prize.  Well, after a half an hour of random pieces being haphazardly placed on the board, my obsessive compulsive behavior got the best of me and I took over (not that he minded ONE bit).  I spent over two hours putting this bad boy together.  At the time, I was a woman on a mission and it had to be measured perfectly and decorated just so!  Now that I’m looking back on it, these people are only going to be concerned with winning the prizes, NOT what the tree looks like.  Oh well, it was fun and made me miss art class in elementary school 😉  So, do I get an A for effort at least??

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Yes, he told me not to do this.  No, obviously I didn’t listen…like that should surprise anyone who reads this.  I won’t say how old he is, but dirt aint got nothin’ on MY man anymore! 😉  I know that I have NO room to talk since I’m older, so no nasty replies Leese!  Anyhow, I’m now going to serenade him:





I love you so very much!

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Yay, I got it up!


Oh, no-no fluffy!  Not that!  I’m talking about some of my Christmas decorations.  I’ve been semi out of commission, so I didn’t go all out, but I am calling it done.  I have my small tree put up with all my silver decorations (even picked up my favorite Life Saver candy canes tonight and added them!), garland and stockings on the mantle, a lighted wreath on my front door, and hubby put the manger scene on the front lawn.  TA-DA!  What’cha think?

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Ice Storm Update


Well, we retained our power and dodged the main weather bullet this time.  The poor people just to the north and west of us weren’t quite so lucky.  Earlier this year, in January I think, we had power outages that lasted for two weeks, so I have to admit that I was sweating (okay, not the best word since I’m actually FREEZING) this storm.  My heart goes out to those who got hit this time, though.  I feel your pain!  The temperature is warming up some now, so hopefully their power down time won’t be nearly as long.  Here’s hoping and praying!  How’s the weather in your neck of the woods?

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Twenty One Days…

Where has the time gone? I know, I do this every year. I can’t help it though. Christmas creeps up on me and bites me in the hiney. Don’t get me wrong, I love this time of year…when I’m prepared for it! Normally, my tree is up and I’m happily wrapping presents. Well, no tree, no wrapping, but some shopping has been done. That’s it. Over on Jennifer Leeland’s Blog she has been making cookies and decorating. Me? Not so much. I guess part of my problem is that I really don’t have anyone to decorate for anymore. CJ (my 19 yo college son) could care less as long as there is something to open on Christmas morning and my husband isn’t around enough to notice. So, as long as I have Jen’s pretty blog to look at, who cares! 😀 Keep decoratin’ for me, Jen 🙂

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