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As a writer, we are told conflicting things about what to write.  I’ve heard that you should write for yourself and then others say to write what’s hot.  Some people will tell you to pick a line and write for them, and others tell you to be different.  While looking for an agent, I got two totally different messages with none of them even asking to see so much as a sentence of my writing.  I was told that a finished manuscript I was pushing was too hard to place because it was different from what is out there now.  Then, when pushing another, I was told that there were too many like it already out.  So, for those of you keeping score, they want something new and fresh, but like what is out there…  I’m confused too.  I guess as a relatively ‘unknown’ author, I just have to keep rolling the dice, so to speak, and hope I catch someone’s eye.  I have never been able to force my muse in ANY direction, so I can’t just pick a line and write for it.  He has to come out when he pleases (hence, the reason my muse is referred to as MALE!) and has absolutely no rhyme or reasoning behind his appearances or what is produced by these trysts.  So, while you may hear a loud thunking noise in the distance, pay no mind.  It is just me, beating my head against the wall in frustration.  Mark my words though, one day I will break into one of the big publishing houses…even if it means doing time afterward.  So, do you have an idea on how to break into the big time…without serving jail time?

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