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Mark Your Calendars!


Baby, it’s gettin’ cold outside!

Join us for a great chat with me and two of my favorite authors. November 30th, Ebook Love will host “Cold Nights And Hot Sex: A Chat with Eliza Gayle, T.Sue Versteeg and Jennifer Leeland”.

I totally ripped that off from Jen’s blog!  She loves me though, so I know she’ll get over it eventually. 😉  But still, be sure to be there and show us some love from 1pm to 7pm central time.  We will be posting excerpts, giving away free e-books and I even have a really cool photo album with a silver heart frame and free floating crystals to give away in a contest (granted Jen will be kind enough to help me with it!).  I’ll have to see if  I can get my digital camera to work (Leese, you feelin’ my pain with this!?!) and post some pics.  So, be there or be square…can I get any cheezier here??

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