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NaNo Update


I’m still hanging in there!  Yes, I know that I’m only five days in, but I have to count my victories in life when I can.  I did miss my word count on Saturday due to lounging without electricity on our new land, but made up for it on Sunday.  Maria will be whipping my butt later on timed writings, so I should be able to knock out today’s words with no problem! 🙂  (She says as she counts her chickens before they’ve hatched!)  My working title is Sweet Nothings and the premise is a Romantic Comedy.  A woman’s boyfriend disappears after saying he will only be gone for a few weeks and she instinctively blames herself and thinks she is too fat.  A letter arrives a few weeks later from a woman saying that she is now dating her boyfriend and to leave them alone.  Well, her best friend convinces (bribes) her to take a road trip to confront the evil woman and get some answers.  Stay tuned, this is gettin’ good 😉

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