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Yup, I think the avatar up there says it all.  I need a drink…

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Just so you know…

I’ve not given up on NaNoWriMo…yet. I’m at just over 40,000 words with two full days to write. Can I pull 10k out of my muse’s butt in that amount of time? Maria thinks so. Bless her heart, she has pushed, nudged, cheered and celebrated every single word with me! If this book ever sees the light of day, it will be dedicated to her!! Well, I’ve downed two NoDoze and a half a bottle of Dr. Pepper. If I don’t die from a heart attack, I’ll be whipping my muse today. Wish me luck!

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As a writer, we are told conflicting things about what to write.  I’ve heard that you should write for yourself and then others say to write what’s hot.  Some people will tell you to pick a line and write for them, and others tell you to be different.  While looking for an agent, I got two totally different messages with none of them even asking to see so much as a sentence of my writing.  I was told that a finished manuscript I was pushing was too hard to place because it was different from what is out there now.  Then, when pushing another, I was told that there were too many like it already out.  So, for those of you keeping score, they want something new and fresh, but like what is out there…  I’m confused too.  I guess as a relatively ‘unknown’ author, I just have to keep rolling the dice, so to speak, and hope I catch someone’s eye.  I have never been able to force my muse in ANY direction, so I can’t just pick a line and write for it.  He has to come out when he pleases (hence, the reason my muse is referred to as MALE!) and has absolutely no rhyme or reasoning behind his appearances or what is produced by these trysts.  So, while you may hear a loud thunking noise in the distance, pay no mind.  It is just me, beating my head against the wall in frustration.  Mark my words though, one day I will break into one of the big publishing houses…even if it means doing time afterward.  So, do you have an idea on how to break into the big time…without serving jail time?

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Click! is OUT NOW!!

Yup, if you go HERE you can order my brand spankin’ new e-book!  This is a very special book to me.  I’ve dedicated it to the Romance Divas and all proceeds that I made from the sale of this e-book will go to them.  They have been the most wonderful, supportive group of women and men that I’ve ever known.  If you are a writer or reader of romance, this forum is for you.  Writers of romance can find support, tips, links and even a shoulder when you need it.  Readers will find wonderful books, some that the mainstream hasn’t picked up yet and the authors who brought them all to life.  Thank you to Jax, Kristen and Lisa for bringing the Romance Divas about, and to each and every diva and dude, past and present, who have helped me along the way.

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Yup, The Wild Rose Press offered me a contract for e/print rights and it went out in the mail today!  I even have an author page already 🙂 CLICK HERE  I’m not sure of any details, such as official release date, but when I find out, you’ll be the first to know 😉  I’m so relieved to know that it will be in circulation again.  This is my baby, my first book written, and I hated that it had no home.  Anyhow, I’m excited now!

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It’s business time!

Okay, so it is time for a funny.  This one goes out to my daughter.  No, we aren’t THAT kind of family (you’ll understand after you watch the video), she found this and turned me onto these guys.

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Mark Your Calendars!


Baby, it’s gettin’ cold outside!

Join us for a great chat with me and two of my favorite authors. November 30th, Ebook Love will host “Cold Nights And Hot Sex: A Chat with Eliza Gayle, T.Sue Versteeg and Jennifer Leeland”.

I totally ripped that off from Jen’s blog!  She loves me though, so I know she’ll get over it eventually. 😉  But still, be sure to be there and show us some love from 1pm to 7pm central time.  We will be posting excerpts, giving away free e-books and I even have a really cool photo album with a silver heart frame and free floating crystals to give away in a contest (granted Jen will be kind enough to help me with it!).  I’ll have to see if  I can get my digital camera to work (Leese, you feelin’ my pain with this!?!) and post some pics.  So, be there or be square…can I get any cheezier here??

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