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Land HO!!


No, I’m not a land who’e, but I could very easily slip into that role 😉  We closed on our land yesterday!!!  It is ALL OURS!  We walked the fence line yesterday and followed the wet weather creek that leads into the pond.  We stood and laughed and I cried (yep, just because) in the wonderment that it was really ours and our 12 year old dream had finally become a reality.  We talked about the long arduous road we had traveled to get there and the things we had survived along the way.  In a society of instant gratification, this was one of the first things that I had actually planned out that far in advance and waited (very UNpatiently) until it came to pass.  I mean, my life has been quite literally 40 years of flying by the seat of my pants and living from day to day.  Both  of my children (don’t get me wrong, I love them and would not trade them…most days…for anything!) were surprises and I spent their childhoods getting from point A to point B with no goals other than for them until I met Stephen.  He has been my direction and he and I have been able to dream and plan our future.  We set the land purchase plan into motion 12 years ago when we purchased our house and put it on a 15 year note.  The summer our youngest graduated from high school would be when we refinanced our house and used the equity to purchase land.  And that, my friends, was THIS summer.  Okay, so it carried into the fall, but you had to expect setbacks since we are talking about MY world.  Thank you for reading my ramblings on this.  I am just so happy and actually content with this piece of the earth we now own.  *sigh*

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