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You survived my near-nervous breakdown (and actually came back to my blog! YAY!) over the land purchase (we are SUPPOSED to close on Monday, by the way) and now you can hold my hand while I cry for a moment. Yes, it was a touchy evening at my house. The shredder whirred away while I fed it plastic, masking the sound of my sobs. Okay, so I’m being a TAD mellow-dramatic (I know, SHOCKER!), but it was painful. Mr. Sue and I decided to use the rest of the money from our refinance to pay off credit cards, but it came at a HIGH price. CLOSING THEM OUT! (Gemma Halliday even cried a bit for me on RD) We even made a pact not to take out any new cards unless it was a joint effort and we both agreed on them. OUCH!

Now I want to go shopping…go figure…

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