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Writing VS Not Writing

Okay, to the non-writer, this may sound like a dumb comparison… it may even sound dumb to most writers, but I have recently weighed the two and have been found lacking. Lacking in both areas. On the writing side: Nora Roberts, I’m not. On the Not Writing side: I’m miserable. I did find my main issue (yeah Leese, I know the list is LONG, but most of those are personal and have nothing to do with writing! 🙂 ) though. I have many writing issues, but I think the main one was not pushing hard enough to get through edits and whipping my muse. I have always had someone telling me what to do in life and now I don’t. I guess I was waiting for someone to tell me to stop feeling sorry for myself and just do it! I finally had an epiphany and cracked my own whip. Hmm, guess I’ve crossed over into self-dom territory or something 😉 Hopefully, now that I’ve brought light to this issue, I can move past it and get back into a writing groove. I dearly hope that someday I feel that fire burning inside again… and that it isn’t when I pee! 😀

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