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NaNoWriMo anyone??


For you non-writers who may be reading this, that translates to: National Novel Writing Month, and that month happens to be November!  50 thousand words in 30 days.  I have heard about this in years past and always had an excuse, ie: work!  Well, for those of you keeping score, I no longer have that excuse so Trula sucked me in…err, gently persuaded me to join in on the fun this year.   I’m half giddy/half sick to my stomach right now.  Can I do this???  Better still, will I produce anything worth while if I do???  Stay tuned ’cause this is about to get interesting, folks! 

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Well, all three or four of you who read this blog know the pain and anguish I’ve suffered over my current contracted manuscript. First off, thank you for being here for me and still coming back for more! 🙂 And now…DRUMROLL, PLEASE!

It is D.O.N.E. Yes, you read that right! Click is actually going to see the light of day. The book is e-book formatted and thanks to some sleepless nights by both Emmy and me, we pulled it together. Let me just take a second here to tell you how truly amazing Emmy is! She has simultaneously pulled my butt out of a funk and whipped it into shape. I’m telling you, she is QUICK with her edits and thorough at the same time. Not to mention that she can flip between romance and horror without batting an eye…or mixing herself up. I fully expected to have to email her and ask why she thought a blood bath was apropriate for my villain, but nope, she kept it all straight 🙂 (I’m just playin’ with ya, Em!) So, a round of applause for Emmy, my editing saviour 😉

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A funny!

Since I’m in my editing cave right now, I thought I’d post a funny that I found on Cute Overload!  Make sure the sound is on.  Even a non-cat person can’t help but laugh at this!  Make sure you don’t have to pee before you push play. 🙂

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The muse is back, baby!

I just love that little flutter in my gut when I actually write something that doesn’t repulse me! It has been quite some time since I have sat down and actually pounded on the keyboard like this. It just took a new person kicking my butt on edits and switching to a different story. I guess I was trying to force myself to work on my most recent creation, but I’m actually playing with my work in progress that I’d been saving for the big dogs. Yup, we are talking Dorchester, people! I am far from finished, but this is an intricate work. If I can pull this off, it will be a God given miracle. Well, say a prayer for me since it is in His hands now! 🙂 (By the way, that is a picture of my muse up there, just-so-ya-know!)

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Land HO!!


No, I’m not a land who’e, but I could very easily slip into that role 😉  We closed on our land yesterday!!!  It is ALL OURS!  We walked the fence line yesterday and followed the wet weather creek that leads into the pond.  We stood and laughed and I cried (yep, just because) in the wonderment that it was really ours and our 12 year old dream had finally become a reality.  We talked about the long arduous road we had traveled to get there and the things we had survived along the way.  In a society of instant gratification, this was one of the first things that I had actually planned out that far in advance and waited (very UNpatiently) until it came to pass.  I mean, my life has been quite literally 40 years of flying by the seat of my pants and living from day to day.  Both  of my children (don’t get me wrong, I love them and would not trade them…most days…for anything!) were surprises and I spent their childhoods getting from point A to point B with no goals other than for them until I met Stephen.  He has been my direction and he and I have been able to dream and plan our future.  We set the land purchase plan into motion 12 years ago when we purchased our house and put it on a 15 year note.  The summer our youngest graduated from high school would be when we refinanced our house and used the equity to purchase land.  And that, my friends, was THIS summer.  Okay, so it carried into the fall, but you had to expect setbacks since we are talking about MY world.  Thank you for reading my ramblings on this.  I am just so happy and actually content with this piece of the earth we now own.  *sigh*

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You survived my near-nervous breakdown (and actually came back to my blog! YAY!) over the land purchase (we are SUPPOSED to close on Monday, by the way) and now you can hold my hand while I cry for a moment. Yes, it was a touchy evening at my house. The shredder whirred away while I fed it plastic, masking the sound of my sobs. Okay, so I’m being a TAD mellow-dramatic (I know, SHOCKER!), but it was painful. Mr. Sue and I decided to use the rest of the money from our refinance to pay off credit cards, but it came at a HIGH price. CLOSING THEM OUT! (Gemma Halliday even cried a bit for me on RD) We even made a pact not to take out any new cards unless it was a joint effort and we both agreed on them. OUCH!

Now I want to go shopping…go figure…

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Writing VS Not Writing

Okay, to the non-writer, this may sound like a dumb comparison… it may even sound dumb to most writers, but I have recently weighed the two and have been found lacking. Lacking in both areas. On the writing side: Nora Roberts, I’m not. On the Not Writing side: I’m miserable. I did find my main issue (yeah Leese, I know the list is LONG, but most of those are personal and have nothing to do with writing! 🙂 ) though. I have many writing issues, but I think the main one was not pushing hard enough to get through edits and whipping my muse. I have always had someone telling me what to do in life and now I don’t. I guess I was waiting for someone to tell me to stop feeling sorry for myself and just do it! I finally had an epiphany and cracked my own whip. Hmm, guess I’ve crossed over into self-dom territory or something 😉 Hopefully, now that I’ve brought light to this issue, I can move past it and get back into a writing groove. I dearly hope that someday I feel that fire burning inside again… and that it isn’t when I pee! 😀

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