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Yes, I’m a bit more than just excited! OUR OFFER WAS ACCEPTED!! This is something that the hubster and I have planned for since we bought our house 12 years ago. We put our mortgage on a 15 year note so we could pay it down quicker and be able to refinance to use the equity for land once our children both graduated. It is an awesome feeling to finally see your plans come to fruition. Thank you for all the prayers, finger crossing and breath holding. YOU CAN BREATH NOW, DAYNA! YAY!!!

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Forcing your muse.

I’ve always gotten conflicting information from writers on whether or not to force yourself to write. Some say that the only good writing is what comes from your heart and others say that if they don’t force themselves to write on a schedule, then nothing gets done. I’m definitely not getting any inspiration right now to write, so I’m thinking about just opening my edits or work in progress and staring at it until I bleed something. Does this ever produce anything productive? I may not actually be asking the correct question. More to the point, does it every produce anything publish-able? I am obviously not going to have any flashes of greatness while I’m cleaning my house or fixing supper, so I need to know if forcing yourself to write can actually work. I guess if no one comments here, I’ll just have to find out for myself. *gasp* Don’t make me go it alone folks! Please comment!! 🙂

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