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Look what I got today!

A few months ago I was contacted through my website by a sweet woman in NC who asked if I would be willing to donate a book to her local library.  Well, after emailing her back and forth for a while, I decided to do it and then some.  She has a troop of nurses overseas she sends things to on a regular basis.  I’m sure that this generous act of hers puts quite the strain on her wallet.  I decided to go shopping and send her some items to include with a copy of my book to send over to them.  This was her response:

Toni Sue ~  Wow!  Awesome!  Incredible! 

This was a great surprise to come home  & open the boxes that got delivered just before I left for home.  I went back home to NY for a bit.  We had some family gatherings and big celebrations going on.  It was SO WONDERFUL being back home with everyone.  I  love NY & miss it so.  My parents stayed up but they will be coming back this week. I had to get back but what a nice homecoming. You probably were wondering where did she go. 

You really put your heart in it and they’ll see that by the items you chose.  All the little things we girls use to bring us comfort and peace & stuff that they can’t get over there. You Go Girl !!!!

Tell your friend the book thongs are awesome.  My Mom & I buy ours from Books A Million since its the only place where we can find them. Maybe she can sell to them. 

Toni Sue, the words THANK YOU don’t entirely express the gratitude and appreciation I feel for the blessing you gave me and are giving to our female troops.

Since I have some things to catch up on mail, e-mail, indoor/outdoor chores and some errands I’m not expecting to get to my troop mailings before next weekend.

So if you want to send an e-mail or a note you still have time for me to include it in the shipping.

I gotta run & start on that list of things to do (I’m sure you know how that is

especially after you go on a book tour).  I’ll try to e-mail you over the weekend.

Talk to you soon.

Camille –  P.S. I have to find time for your book to~Thanks a bunch ~ busy busy 🙂



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