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No, not the little round breakfast waffles. I’m talking about the touchy subject of the writer’s ego. It isn’t something that is unique to a writer, just a touchier area than that of the general public. Most people need affirmation and have to be told they did a good job. It is human nature. I was just discussing this with Leese and it got me thinking. (I know! Uh-Oh!) Writing, as with any artistic venue, opens you up to constant criticism and critique. It is a must and there really is no way around it…unless your name is Nora Roberts or J K Rowling, and even they had their days, I’m sure. If you want to hone your craft and be better, you have to throw your works out for others to rip apart like ravenous wolves. This will make you a stronger writer…if you can survive this process. I know I’m being overly dramatic (go figure) and it isn’t nearly that brutal (most of the time), but I’m learning that having someone pat you on the back and tell you that your writing really doesn’t suck is not just beneficial, it is CRUCIAL! So, the point of my post is this: if you have a friend who is a writer, pat them on the back and tell them something positive about their writing. Something intricate, so they know you aren’t just blowing sunshine up their butt for the sake of ego stroking. It really does go a long way and can mean a world of difference to that person. It could even be the spark that inspires them to continue on with a rewarding career in something they love. Thank you to everyone who has scraped me off of the floor lately. I appreciate this more than any of you know.

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