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I sure wish I had take a ‘before’ picture of this office.  Wait, no I don’t.  I don’t need any proof buzzing around the internet of how bad a housekeeper I am.  Here is my new desk in what once was my daughter’s bedroom, hence the blue/yellow walls and daisy border.  I like the flowered border but hubby says it is on its way out.  I know it will stay right where it is because he’ll be waiting a while if he expects me to replace it. 🙂   I purposefully didn’t give you a full room view because one corner has things that are still being sorted.  Hey, this room was a pit and now it is semi-functional!  I put this in my win catagory! 

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D@#* Camera!


Well, the office is all organized and I planned to share a picture of it with you.  Those of you who know me also know that my life doesn’t usually go as planned.  I have pictures on our old camera, but it won’t let me upload them.  I will either get the new camera from hubby or he will MAKE the computer accept the pictures.  (Note, if I’m offline for a while after this, you will know the computer didn’t bode well!)  Instead, I will post a picture of my kitty Pig that proved cats CAN get depressed.  His name is pig because he is part kitty/part piglet.  After that, he rolled around on the carpet and showed me his speckled belly so I could rub it and we both cheered up! 🙂  How could you not with such a cute belly as that??

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