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How do you ‘know’?

I mean, how do you REALLY know that you are meant to be a writer? Do you write because you love it, write because you have to, or just write because you know how? And then there is the whole ‘getting published’ thing to take into consideration. Yes, it is the most awesome feeling in the world to get that acceptance email/letter/phone call and it rips you right off of the planet and floats you in outer space for a while. But then comes the edits. The first time any writer opens up that email/letter and sees all of the slashes and marks on their perfect, ready for publication (yes, I know it really isn’t perfect or ready for much of anything. Just think back to that day with me, will ya?), it is like that editor just hopped onto your back and plunged a knife right through your heart. Turns out it is just your ego they are stabbing…maybe a bit of your pride too, but it still hurts. I know that this is a necessary evil and it is nearly impossible to recognize your own writing bo-bos, especially starting out, but there really is no way to truly prepare yourself. It gets easier as it goes along and I’ve learned not to hold a grudge, but I just don’t know if I am really cut out for this. I got an email from Ms. Dayna Hart (mwah and thanks, btw) that pretty much mirrored how I felt, so I know I’m not the only one. I’ve cried to Ms. Jennifer Leeland (mwah and thanks to you too!) enough that she is probably going to start blocking my messages and she has talked me down from the cliff more than once. Ms. Leese has put up with me in person and still loves me (or at least pretends to!), so that tells you how strong of a woman SHE is! Scooper has been such a wonderful friend and is always there to talk when I need her. There are really too many people to count or list, especially with Elle, Maria, Gwen, Jennifer and everyone else at Romance Divas! Anyhow, these wonderful people are here to support me and still I have doubts. Anyway, my question is this: How do you really know that you have everything inside and out that you need to survive being a writer?

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