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Okay, my quest for organization is taking me into the dark realm of the dust bunnies. Yes, they do exist, my friends and they are angry! My cats are enjoying it though and find it quite funny to run through my pile of dirt and bunnies to chase one down the hall. DAMN YOU WOOD FLOORS! Anyhow, I have now plunged myself head on into the office. Take into consideration as you work up pity for me, that this room has been run by my husband up until now. Yes, this is the epitomy of a ‘man-cave’ and he wonders why I cry at the thought of cleaning this up. We have an UNUSED weight bench taking up the corner of the room by the window (that is getting moved into the garage, thankyouverymuch) with God-only-knows-what piled all over it, a gun safe (freakishly HUGE, but completely legal since hubby is a gun dealer too) that blocks the closet, file cabinets everywhere with mailing boxes, envelopes, stickers and anything else remotely related to that area stacked on top, and a desk armoire filled with scraps of paper, invoices, statements and files that I have no idea what to do with. Tell me, dear reader, would you go into this mess and organize or just toss a match in and let the insurance company cover the damage??? I’m completely KIDDING about the match thing…sorta…so don’t go calling my insurance agent just yet. Any organizationally minded people want to offer advice?? Dayna?? Where’s that cup of coffee you promised? Lisa? This one might even be beyond your anal talents! 😀

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