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This picture was taken in my mom and dad’s back yard, IN TOWN.  Click on the picture to make it full sized.  Yup, that’s a FALCON that showed up to bathe in their bird bath.  The whole yard cleared out in mere seconds.  They have a large feeder that is frequented by pigeons, doves, crows and other normal sized birds, but when big bird here came for a visit, there wasn’t another bird to be found.  You see, doves and pigeons are his favorite snack.  He comes by every now and again just to keep them all on their toes…and to pick up any slackers for lunch…quite literally.

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Yes, I’m a bit more than just excited! OUR OFFER WAS ACCEPTED!! This is something that the hubster and I have planned for since we bought our house 12 years ago. We put our mortgage on a 15 year note so we could pay it down quicker and be able to refinance to use the equity for land once our children both graduated. It is an awesome feeling to finally see your plans come to fruition. Thank you for all the prayers, finger crossing and breath holding. YOU CAN BREATH NOW, DAYNA! YAY!!!

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Forcing your muse.

I’ve always gotten conflicting information from writers on whether or not to force yourself to write. Some say that the only good writing is what comes from your heart and others say that if they don’t force themselves to write on a schedule, then nothing gets done. I’m definitely not getting any inspiration right now to write, so I’m thinking about just opening my edits or work in progress and staring at it until I bleed something. Does this ever produce anything productive? I may not actually be asking the correct question. More to the point, does it every produce anything publish-able? I am obviously not going to have any flashes of greatness while I’m cleaning my house or fixing supper, so I need to know if forcing yourself to write can actually work. I guess if no one comments here, I’ll just have to find out for myself. *gasp* Don’t make me go it alone folks! Please comment!! 🙂

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I know that good things come to those who wait. I also know that patience is a virtue. What I don’t know is how to go about getting me some of that! Yeah, if you’ve known me longer than two days, you also know that I’ve NEVER been a patient person. Things are supposed to click right along when I’m waiting on something. Well, obviously the people whose land we are bidding on don’t know me at all. HELLO!? All we want is a yes or no! If the answer is no, by the way, I will hunt you down and make your life miserable until you cave to my demands. I’ll sing Henry the Eighth like Patrick Swayze in Ghost. Hmm, spose that’s why I don’t have a lot of friends?? Just give me what I want, when I want it and we will get along JUST fine. Okay, so maybe I’m not quite that bad…ALL THE TIME! Leese, stop shaking your head.

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Well, today started like a normal day.  We did go into Springfield and signed the bid on our land and then I trekked on to Wally-World for some basics.  Driving home, it started to rain so I slowed down in the curves between Nixa and Clever since the roads get very slick when it hasn’t rained in a while.  I came around one of the biggest curves and a white SUV driven by a cell phone talking idiot comes barreling toward me at 60 mph.  He swerves to miss me, tires squealing, then over-corrects and slams into the driver’s side of the SUV behind me.  The vehicle behind me is smashed into the guard rail (which was recently replaced or they would have been plunged to their deaths in the HUGE ditch) and spun out into oncoming traffice where they are hit again.  People, this was almost me and I don’t drive a big vehicle like that.  Yes, I know that almost only counts in horse-shoes and hand grenades, but this was too close for me.  I saw the idiot clearly as he came around the corner and I saw the poor woman’s face in my rear view mirror as the idiot plowed into her.  Fear, shock, terror… her hands then flew off of the steering wheel and she covered her face.  It is all like a slow motion tape playing over and over in my head.  I have never been this close to an accident before unless it had already happened and I was passing by.  That in itself is bad enough, but the sound of metal smashing into metal in ingrained in my head and the look on her face is heavy on my heart.  I cried all the way home after I stopped long enough for my jello-legs to regain some consistency.  There were so many cars involved in the wreck that I didn’t turn around.  It was rush hour and traffic was already backed up so I wouldn’t have been able to make it to the site anyhow.  The point of today’s rambling is this:  kiss your kids and significant other.  Tell them and anyone close to you that you love them at any given chance.  You never know if you will be in the car that is just missed or the poor unfortunate soul who is schmucked.  I love you guys.  (in case you are curious, that is a picture of my handsome hubby.)

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I thought I’d post a few pictures of land we are bidding on tomorrow.  Say a prayer, cross your fingers and anything else that might work in our favor.  Hubby and I both fell in love with it.  It would be wonderful to own 20 acres.  *sigh*

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Look what I got today!

A few months ago I was contacted through my website by a sweet woman in NC who asked if I would be willing to donate a book to her local library.  Well, after emailing her back and forth for a while, I decided to do it and then some.  She has a troop of nurses overseas she sends things to on a regular basis.  I’m sure that this generous act of hers puts quite the strain on her wallet.  I decided to go shopping and send her some items to include with a copy of my book to send over to them.  This was her response:

Toni Sue ~  Wow!  Awesome!  Incredible! 

This was a great surprise to come home  & open the boxes that got delivered just before I left for home.  I went back home to NY for a bit.  We had some family gatherings and big celebrations going on.  It was SO WONDERFUL being back home with everyone.  I  love NY & miss it so.  My parents stayed up but they will be coming back this week. I had to get back but what a nice homecoming. You probably were wondering where did she go. 

You really put your heart in it and they’ll see that by the items you chose.  All the little things we girls use to bring us comfort and peace & stuff that they can’t get over there. You Go Girl !!!!

Tell your friend the book thongs are awesome.  My Mom & I buy ours from Books A Million since its the only place where we can find them. Maybe she can sell to them. 

Toni Sue, the words THANK YOU don’t entirely express the gratitude and appreciation I feel for the blessing you gave me and are giving to our female troops.

Since I have some things to catch up on mail, e-mail, indoor/outdoor chores and some errands I’m not expecting to get to my troop mailings before next weekend.

So if you want to send an e-mail or a note you still have time for me to include it in the shipping.

I gotta run & start on that list of things to do (I’m sure you know how that is

especially after you go on a book tour).  I’ll try to e-mail you over the weekend.

Talk to you soon.

Camille –  P.S. I have to find time for your book to~Thanks a bunch ~ busy busy 🙂



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No, not the little round breakfast waffles. I’m talking about the touchy subject of the writer’s ego. It isn’t something that is unique to a writer, just a touchier area than that of the general public. Most people need affirmation and have to be told they did a good job. It is human nature. I was just discussing this with Leese and it got me thinking. (I know! Uh-Oh!) Writing, as with any artistic venue, opens you up to constant criticism and critique. It is a must and there really is no way around it…unless your name is Nora Roberts or J K Rowling, and even they had their days, I’m sure. If you want to hone your craft and be better, you have to throw your works out for others to rip apart like ravenous wolves. This will make you a stronger writer…if you can survive this process. I know I’m being overly dramatic (go figure) and it isn’t nearly that brutal (most of the time), but I’m learning that having someone pat you on the back and tell you that your writing really doesn’t suck is not just beneficial, it is CRUCIAL! So, the point of my post is this: if you have a friend who is a writer, pat them on the back and tell them something positive about their writing. Something intricate, so they know you aren’t just blowing sunshine up their butt for the sake of ego stroking. It really does go a long way and can mean a world of difference to that person. It could even be the spark that inspires them to continue on with a rewarding career in something they love. Thank you to everyone who has scraped me off of the floor lately. I appreciate this more than any of you know.

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I sure wish I had take a ‘before’ picture of this office.  Wait, no I don’t.  I don’t need any proof buzzing around the internet of how bad a housekeeper I am.  Here is my new desk in what once was my daughter’s bedroom, hence the blue/yellow walls and daisy border.  I like the flowered border but hubby says it is on its way out.  I know it will stay right where it is because he’ll be waiting a while if he expects me to replace it. 🙂   I purposefully didn’t give you a full room view because one corner has things that are still being sorted.  Hey, this room was a pit and now it is semi-functional!  I put this in my win catagory! 

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D@#* Camera!


Well, the office is all organized and I planned to share a picture of it with you.  Those of you who know me also know that my life doesn’t usually go as planned.  I have pictures on our old camera, but it won’t let me upload them.  I will either get the new camera from hubby or he will MAKE the computer accept the pictures.  (Note, if I’m offline for a while after this, you will know the computer didn’t bode well!)  Instead, I will post a picture of my kitty Pig that proved cats CAN get depressed.  His name is pig because he is part kitty/part piglet.  After that, he rolled around on the carpet and showed me his speckled belly so I could rub it and we both cheered up! 🙂  How could you not with such a cute belly as that??

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